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Clay Christensen – The Birdman of Lauderdale

Clay Christensen to speak at MRVAC

Clay Christensen to speak at MRVAC Thursday October 27, 2016 – 7:30 pm Birds' Nests: HOW do they DO that? How does a Baltimore Oriole make that graceful hanging nest so high up in the tree? What is a woodpecker cavity nest like inside? What birds nest in tunnels? This...

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And then one appeared…

My September Birdman of Lauderdale column was about a hike around Eagle Point Lake in Lake Elmo Regional Park. It was accompanied by a photo of a golden-winged warbler (taken by Laura Erickson), a bird that figured prominently in my column. Yesterday, as I sat sipping...

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The sight of a golden-winged warbler was his karmic reward

On a Monday morning in July, I went with several of my birding friends to see what birds we could see and hear in Lake Elmo Park Reserve. Our little group averages about six members. Each week a different person is the “decider,” and on this day it was Juke. He had...

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Wakeup Call

There are few things lovelier than being awakened to bird song. This morning it was the clear whistled melody of the white-throated sparrows in the back yard. They’re the birds that sing “Poor Sam Peabody, Peabody” (we add our words to their tune to aid our memory). I...

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Crow Talk leads to Crow Chat

Last week, Jean and I drove down to Red Wing to make a presentation to the Upper Hiawatha Valley Audubon Club. The trip down the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi was very nice. We saw a few eagles on the way. The Audubon Club meets in the Izaak Walton clubhouse on...

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Birdman of Lauderdale on Cable TV

Everybody in Lauderdale knows Clay Christensen. In addition to serving time on the city council, he spends lots of time outdoors, following birds. He doesn’t just follow them, but he documents their lives and has written a book to share his experiences and teach us...

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Twin Cities Chapter of Minnesota Master Naturalists

May 11, 2016 Clay will be talking to the Twin Cities Chapter of Minnesota Master Naturalists. The event is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Ft. Snelling State Park Visitor Center. The park closes earlier, but staff leaves the gate open for the Master Naturalists’ meeting,...

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Birdman Book leads to Birding Trip

From time to time, someone sends an email to the St. Paul Audubon Society saying that they’re coming to the Twin Cities and asking for help finding some birds in the area. Ben, who monitors the email address, then sends out a note to a few of us asking if we could...

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Two recent speaking engagements

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to speak to groups and wanted to tell you a bit about them. The first was at Presbyterian Homes facility at Lake Minnetonka Shores on Friday, September 25. It’s a senior living facility in Spring Park, on the shores of Lake...

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